Batu Caves
The grandiose, covered with forests, limestone hill towers over Kuala Lumpur’s northern outskirts. Amazing caves formed in it 400 million years ago, and now they are recognized as unique monument to nature. Inside the caves, the majestic temple complex Batu is situated. It is one of the most famous Hindu sacred places outside India. Its name is derived from Sungai Batu River that flows nearby, and

Orchid & Hibiscus Gardens
The Orchid & Hibiscus Gardens are the part of the Botanical Garden that stretches over the hills around the picturesque Tasik Perdana Lake, in Kuala Lumpur very center. It is a true flower paradise, which features amazingly varied collection of the very beautiful tropical flowers from all over the world. The small, but incredibly beautiful and cozy Orchid Garden occupies a territory of one hectare

Aquaria KLCC
The Kuala Lumpur Aquarium is one of the largest in the Southeast Asia. It is reckoned among the most visited attraction sights of Malay capital. It is situated on the lower level of the exhibition center Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, within walking distance from the famous downtown Petronas Twin Towers. It is home to more than five thousand sea animals, including rare tiger sharks, sea rays, pir

Kuala Lumpur Deer & Mousedeer Park
Kuala Lumpur Deer & Mousedeer Park is situated in the picturesque hilly area on the territory of the Botanical Garden, near the Tasik Perdana Lake in Kuala Lumpur very center. Lush tropical vegetation is home to hundreds of deer, which are representatives of various species. Park’s landscape is planned in such a way as to ensure that these amazing animals have as close to their natural habitat con

The Perdana Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden, also known under the name Taman Tasik Perdana and Lake Gardens, is the oldest and the most visited park in Kuala Lumpur. Situated in capital’s very center amongst brown skyscrapers, it acts as city’s main green lungs for more than hundred years already. Its huge territory along with exotic vegetation, neat paths, motley flowerbeds, shady lanes, playgrounds, historic monuments

Bird Park Kuala Lumpur
Bird Park Kuala Lumpur is adjoined to the Botanical Garden, stretching out at the picturesque Tasik Perdana Lake at the city center. It is the largest open aviary in the world and is considered to be one of Malay capital’s most popular attraction sights: more than 200 thousand people visit this unique ornithological park every year. Park’s territory of more than 8 hectares is home to 3 000 birds o

National Zoo (Zoo Negara)
The National Zoo is situated just five kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur downtown. It is famous for its impressive size and a great variety of inhabitants: park’s huge territory is home to more than five thousand animals of almost 500 species: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. And this collection constantly enlarges through new species of the animal world. Kuala Lumpur Zoo follows wor

Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur
Butterfly Park Kuala Lumpur is situated on the territory of Botanical Gardens (former Lake Gardens), not far from the picturesque Tasik Perdana Lake in the capital downtown. It is the largest and the most beautiful butterfly park in the world. More than five thousand exotic butterflies of various sizes and amazing colors fly about under the high stretched net. The park skillfully recreates an atm