Mud: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur
A vibrant showcase of the capital’s rags-to-riches past and its forefathers’ humble beginnings, the entertainment show "Mud: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur" is one of the most popular theater performances in Kuala Lumpur. This spectacular music and dancing show recounts the history of the city, describing its rise from a shabby tin mining settlement to an ultra-modern Asian metropolis. The country's un

Malay Village (Kampung Baru)
Kampung Baru is an ideal place for those who want to see a real Malay village without leaving Kuala Lumpur and to taste original national dishes without overpaying for them in expensive restaurants. Its main value is in its authenticity: Kampung Baru is not another phoney cultural center that artificially recreates Malay settlement’s atmosphere and life for tourists, but the genuine Malay village.