Mud: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur
A vibrant showcase of the capital’s rags-to-riches past and its forefathers’ humble beginnings, the entertainment show "Mud: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur" is one of the most popular theater performances in Kuala Lumpur. This spectacular music and dancing show recounts the history of the city, describing its rise from a shabby tin mining settlement to an ultra-modern Asian metropolis. The country's un

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, which is situated in Bukit Bintang, one of the busiest shopping and entertainment districts of Kuala Lumpur, is one of the biggest and most popular trade centers in the capital of Malaysia. It was built on the site of the oldest girl college in the city. This trade mall was opened in 2007, becoming an extremely popular shopping space and a paradise for thousands of shopa

Putrajaya is a new administrative center of Malaysia. It is situated 20 kilometers to the south from Kuala Lumpur. It is the ultramodern city that has a status of federal territory. Country’s key public institutions were moved there from the capital. Built under completely new concept, it embodied all the ideas about the ideal city: perfectly developed infrastructure, harmonious blend of tradition

The National Monument | Tugu Negara
The National Monument (Tugu Negara) is situated in the northern part of the Botanical Garden. It is the most token monument of Kuala Lumpur and one of its most interesting attractions. Being 15 meters high, it is reckoned among the highest bronze sculptures in the world. The monument commemorates warriors who were killed in the fight for Malaysia’s independence, in particular during Japanese occup

Thean Hou Temple
The multi-level Goddess of Mercy Temple (Thean Hou Temple) is situated on the top of the picturesque Robson Hill to the south from the city center. It is considered to be one of the largest and the most beautiful Chinese temples in Kuala Lumpur and in the whole South East Asia alike. The complex of its majestic buildings, built in accordance to all feng shui rules, is a marvelous sample of Chinese

Brickfields | Little India
Little India is a small picturesque quarter, situated not far from downtown. Expatriate Indians, who compose one tenth of Kuala Lumpur’s population, live there. Having settled in the Malay capital, they brought along their original culture, including unique temples, inimitable cuisine and traditional clothes. Little India was long situated in Malay capital’s very center near Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahm

Chan See Shu Yuen
The Chan See Shu Yuen is one of the largest and the oldest Buddhist temples that survived in Malaysia. It is situated in Chinatown’s very heart – on the Jalan Petaling, which has been the Kuala Lumpur Chinese community’s major place of residence from early times. The Chan See Shu Yuen is also known as the Green Temple: it got its second, unofficial name due to green ceramic tiles, with which build

Central Market
One of the leading positions in the list of the Kuala Lumpur’s most popular tourist attractions is occupied by the Central Market, or Pasar Seni. It is situated in the capital’s very heart not far from the Chinatown. It attracts by the opportunity to buy original items and authentic souvenirs at the lowest price in the city and to touch the multinational Malay culture, which is represented through

Menara TV Tower Kuala Lumpur
The Menara TV Tower, rising above the city center, is reckoned among the most recognizable symbols of Kuala Lumpur on par with Petronas Twin Towers. It is a perfect reference point for Malaysia capital’s numerous guests. Jutting out into the sky for 421 meters, it is one of the ten tallest telecommunications buildings in the world and, in the first place, attracts by the opportunity to get a bird'

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