Colours of Malaysia Festival

Dataran Merdeka

The vivid Colours of Malaysia Festival takes place in Kuala Lumpur every May. It gives capital’s locals and guests an opportunity to learn culture and customs of different peoples that live in this unique country.

During the whole month, the city hosts a variety of events: street parades, dance and music shows that demonstrate ancient ritual activities, as well as exhibitions of handicrafts, various contests, fairs.

The Colours of Malaysia Festival’s main event is a traditional parade, during which representatives of different ethnic groups, living in the country, show their unique cultural traditions. More than 5 500 people participate in costumed dancing colorful and multicultural procession on the main capital square – the Independence Square.

The Colours of Malaysia Festival is an enchanting spectacle. Colorful fireworks, dances, songs and national music allow plunging into the atmosphere of general holiday.

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