Situated in Changkat Bukit Bintang, the complex Lust combines exquisite restaurant, elegant bar and fashionable nightclub under one roof. Various kinds of tapas and grilled dishes are prepared at facility’s open kitchen. Lust’s bar offers a wide selection of bright cocktails and traditional spirits. Local musical bands and DJs, playing electro, hip hop, R&B and house, perform there in the evening.

Situated on the Asian Heritage Row’s territory, in Kuala Lumpur downtown, the nightclub Gosh follows three rules: good sound, good lighting and good taste. Concerts are regularly organized and famous DJs’ popular rhythms often sound at the club. DJ panel’s highlight is fire-generating equipment, which throws out the flames to the height of two meters. The establishment has a menu consisting of int

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The complex Page 2 is situated on the territory of the Publika Shopping Gallery, within 10-minute ride from Kuala Lumpur downtown. It combines art-bar and concert ground. The facility offers a wide selection of varied alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including the famous Frosty Beer. Page 2 can boast about original interior: stage’s back wall is decorated with old TVs, which serve as a substrat

Restroom Concept Club
The club Restroom is situated on the territory of the well-known shopping center The Scott Garden, within a ten-minute ride from the Kuala Lumpur center. The facility is famous for luxurious interior in the rococo style, vivid theme parties and first-class service. The club is equipped with up-to-date sound and lighting, as well as with spacious dance floor. The rhythms are set by the prominent DJ

Heli Lounge Bar
Situated on the 34th floor of the Menara KH, in the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle’s very heart, the Heli Lounge Bar is considered to be one of the best nightlife establishments in the capital. Club’s room has a capacity for up to 180 people and is designed in black-and-white colors with bright red inclusions. DJ panel is made of a real aircraft turbine Boeing 747. The aviation esthetics can be also

Bankers Room
Jazz-club Bankers Room is situated within few steps from the busy Changkat Bukit Bintang district and offers its guests to enjoy its splendid interior, hospitable atmosphere and rousing parties. Famous jazz, bluese and soul hits and popular rhythms from club’s DJs sound there. In addition, the club constantly organizes various theme parties and local bands’ concerts. Bankers Room offers restaurant

The nightclub Neverland is situated in the capital’s very center – in the Golden Triangle district. It organizes loud discos, spectacular theme parties and concerts. Club’s residents and invited DJs prefer House and Electronic Dance Music. In addition, local and foreign artists often perform there, and vivid shows are organized. The club features an impressive 3D-mapping projector, as well as cutt

View Rooftop Bar
The View Rooftop Bar is situated on the 30th floor of the GTower Hotel. It reveals stunning views of Kuala Lumpur downtown, in particular of the Petronas Twin Towers and of Jalan Ampang’s hilly landscape. The facility includes four zones. Creative bartenders work at the spacious outdoor bar and make original author’s cocktails. Exclusive sorts of the single malt whiskey are served at the Whiskey R

Situated in the very heart of the busy Bukit Bintang district, the nightclub Elixir is the territory of bright impetuous parties. The best club and House music sounds at the loud discos, which are lead by the permanent residents and invited DJs. Theme and hen parties are regularly organized there. Elixir’s bar offers a wide selection of exquisite cocktails and international cuisine’s dishes.

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