The carting-center Go-Kart is situated on the famous automobile racetrack Sepang International Circuit, where Formule 1 Grand Prix and the stages of the Road Racing World Championships take place. The carting route was designed by the well-known German engineer Herman Tilke, who came up with the main automobile racetrack. 11 turns and abrupt bends, as well straight areas for acceleration are equip

The unusual attraction CityGolf is situated on the fourth floor of the Bangsar Shopping Centre. It is one of the best modern golf simulators in Kuala Lumpur. CityGolf is equipped with the cutting-edge systems that promise maximal proximity to the real conditions of playing golf. Experienced instructors teach the basic rules and prepare to real competitions. A bar with a worthy selection of hard li

Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club
Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club is located amongst outstanding nature, within 20-minute drive from the Kuala Lumpur center. It is one of the most famous golf centers in Malaysia, where the sporting contests of world level take place. The complex has two fields developed by the prominent designer in accordance to all international standards. Various sandy traps, water obstacles, hollows and hills,

Sealantis Dive Centre
The Sealantis Dive Centre is located on the territory of the Malaysia’s largest trade complex 1 Utama, within 20-minute ride from the Kuala Lumpur central part. Its experienced instructors teach how to properly dive with an aqualung and help to improve skills in a large pool. All necessary equipment having state certificates is given at the center. There is also a shop of sporting equipment for di

The Canopy Walk
The Canopy Walk is a breathtaking attraction, situated in the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve, within 30-minute drive from the Kuala Lumpur downtown. It is the 150-meter-long pendant bridge that crosses the tropical forests of Malaysia on the height of 30 meters above earth. It is possible to admire the panoramic landscapes of the forest and to observe its habitants from the bridge. In addition, visit

FUNZY Events
The sports club FUNZY Events offers different variants of active recreation, including zorbing, archery and jumping. Zorbing is a spinning up extreme attraction that initially consisted of rolling down and crossing an obstacle in an enormous orb called zorb. Now you can not only roll down from a mountain, but also float in the water and even fight in a zorb. Following modern tendencies, the FUNZY

Camp5 Indoor Climbing Gym
The Camp5 Indoor Climbing Gym is located on the fifth floor of the 1 Utama shopping center. It is the greatest indoor complex for rock-climbing in Asia. There are plenty of walls and obstacles for learning and practicing rock-climbing. Complex’s experienced specialists create routes of different complication that are constantly changed and improved. The center has a special wall for children, as w

Royal Selangor Golf Club
The Royal Selangor Golf Club, founded in 1893, is located in the Kuala Lumpur downtown, not far from the famous Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It is one of the most famous and respected golf clubs in Malaysia. The Royal Selangor has three golf courses – for 45, 18 and 9 holes – where various water obstacles, sandy traps, hills and lowlands are created. Everything meets the world standard at the Royal S

Skytrex Adventure
The extreme entertainments park of Skytrex Adventure is located on the territory of the picturesque Shah Alam Agricultural Park, in 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur downtown. This park was created especially for those who cannot imagine a life without adrenalin. Three routes of different complication are equipped on the complex’s territory. The easiest one is Little Adventure. It consists of 23 v

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